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Thread: Feature your Blogshop Here and Double your Traffic Immediately

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    Default Feature your Blogshop Here and Double your Traffic Immediately

    Start Advertising your Blogshop at Singapore #1 Blogshop

    Increase your views and publicity of your blogshop by having your thread sticky. Read below on what we mean by sticky thread

    What is a Sticky Thread?
    A sticky thread is a thread that always shows at the top of the threads listed in a forum whether you are at page 1, 2, 3 .... (check out each section on those threads that have a pink sponsor tag beside them)

    Why sticky thread is good?
    Each day, our forum receive close to 2,000 hits with an average of 100 post per day. This mean if you create a post today, it is likely that you post will be buried behind with less visibility the next day. To stay infront you need to "bump" your thread again. Bumping mean replying to yourself so that your thread is infront

    By having your thread sticky, you no longer need to worry that your thread is buried behind because it will always be on top

    By creating more visibility it will also help to create more traffic for your thread

    What other benefits do I have for being a sponsor?

    You will have a special avatar with the logo. "Proud Sponsor of Blogshopcity" like the following:

    Who are the sponsors?

    Just go to each section you will notice some threads that having a "Sponsor" tag in pink that is blinking. Those are our sponsors.

    How do I become a sponsors and have my thread sticky?

    First you need to create a thread then you email us the URL of that thread
    After payment is made, your thread shall be made sticky for that month.

    I do not know how to create a thread or register?
    No problem, we can always help you create an account and a thread. Please email us for help before you sign up to be our sponsor. We shall help you create the thread first FREE OF CHARGE. Once approved you can pay us and get your thread sticky

    What information is needed to create an advertising thread?

    1. Short description of not less than 30 words
    2. You may like to include short phrases that you like to include eg. "100% Authentic bags only..."
    3. At least 3 photos of your merchandise
    4. Logo if any
    5. Send the above to [email protected]

    Just email us at [email protected] and reserve your slot today!

    All sticky threads are activated and renewed on monthly basis

    Following are the rates to have your thread sticky:
    * Ladies Fashion or Shopping Spree ($50 per mth) now $35
    * Men Blogshop ($28 per mth) now $17
    * Shoes and Accessories ($28 per mth) now
    * Bags and Wallets ($28 per mth) now $17
    * And rest of forums are ... ($28 per mth) now $17

    New Rates with effect from March. We provide further discount for long term advertising, contact us for detail.

    An example of how the thread looks like ...



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    Blogshopcity appear at 3rd Placing when you key in "blogshop"

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