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Thread: How to become a POPULAR Blogshop in Singapore

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    Default How to become a POPULAR Blogshop in Singapore

    How to promote your blogshop so that it become popular in Singapore. That is the million-dollar question to all the blogshop owners. Whether you just started up or is dying to bring your online shopping business to the next level, this is an important question that you need and must address. In this article, we shall throw our 2 cent worth.

    Blogshop Directories
    Make sure, you submit to all Blogshop Directories available in Singapore. Just do a google search “Blogshop Directory”. You will find all the directories of blogshops in Singapore. Of course, we are one of them.

    Branding - Get your own name if you are planning to do long term
    I notice many blogshops is either on livejournal, wordpress or blogspot. If you are planning to do long term business online, we highly recommend you to get your own domain with your own unique name and start building the brand from there. What happen if livejournal is gone one day? We will always be at the mercy of them

    Search Engine

    It is important for any websites to get their traffic from Search engines, that is the most challenging task for all including us. If 90% of internet users using Google to search for information online include online shopping. Understanding keywords is important. If you are selling dresses, make sure your site pop-up in the top search result when you do a search like “blogshop dresses”

    How do you achieve that, is a complex task. At this moment, we highly recommend referral link at this moment. What is referral link, check out below

    Referral links
    Traffic is classified into three main categories, DIRECT which means user come direct to your website. SEARCH ENGINE which means user comes to your website via Search result. Last is REFERRAL mean that are referred to your sites via another websites.

    For example, user come to Blogshopcity, found your site and then enter your blogshop. That is considered as REFERRAL link. Following are some of the sites with high PR ranking for referral links, For example, Cozycot, Flowerpod, Deluxemall, Singaporebrides etc. etc. Always tackle the forum but becareful not to get banned as some forum are very strict on external links.

    In our opinion for an infant website, the best way to get traffic is via forum.

    Facebook / Twitter.
    Get a Facebook fan page and a twitter page for your Blogshop. As Facebook and Twitter are two of key marketing online media now. It is important to start a Facebook fan page or a Twitter page today if you still do not own one.

    Content is king?
    Some Blogshop owners tell me it is hard to build content on a blogshop. I disagreed. It is easily to build content even if you own a online shopping site. You can always start a shopping tips section like how to tell if the dress is of good material or you can start a blog on your shopping trip? There is so much content you can touch on so let your creative juice run.

    Stay tuned for more tips next week
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